Community Development

In Arapahoe County, community development occurs via the pass through of funds from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to local government and non-profit agencies. Types of projects include public facilities and infrastructure, public services and housing. 

Public Facilities and Infrastructure

To acquire, construct, reconstruct, rehabilitate, or install public facilities and improvements. Includes all improvements and facilities that are either publicly owned or owned by a nonprofit, and operated so as to be open to the general public. Including, neighborhood facilities, public schools, and libraries. Facilities that are designed for use in providing shelter for persons having special needs are considered to be public facilities, such as: nursing homes, hospitals, transitional housing, group homes, and shelters. Public improvements include: streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, parks, playgrounds, water and sewer lines, flood and drainage improvements, parking lots, and utility lines.

Public Services

Services (including staffing, supplies and materials), including but not limited to those concerned with employment, crime prevention, childcare, health, drug abuse, education, housing counseling, food banks, or needs of seniors, children or the disabled.


An activity carried out for the purpose of providing or improving permanent residential structures which, upon completion, will be principally occupied by low- and moderate-income households. Examples include: property acquisition or rehabilitation of property for permanent housing; conversion of non-residential structures into permanent housing; and new housing construction. Activities under this paragraph may be directed to the removal of material and architectural barriers that restrict the mobility and accessibility of elderly or severely disabled persons, energy conservation, rehabilitation, historic preservation.