Inverness Drive West Bikeway

Biking where you live, work and play

When you think of biking to work, what comes to mind? For some it's "heck yeah!" because they don't mind riding in all types of weather and right alongside vehicles. For most of us, it can feel stressful depending on what facilities are available along your route and how safe it feels. And of course there are considerations for both cyclists and motorists in finding the ideal balance to keep everyone safe. 

The Inverness area is a bustling micro-community with many businesses, residents and amenities. Inverness Drive West is the main vein through the area and the ideal location to provide a bikeway that will offer low-stress cycling opportunities. 

This is the first of several projects aimed at providing more regional cycling opportunities and connections between Denver and Lone Tree.

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Get involved

Virtual public meetings were held on Sept. 22 at lunchtime and in the evening. This summary and project fact sheet will help answer questions about the project if you need more information or missed the meetings.  

Partners and Funding

Partnerships and leveraged funding for this project include federal contributions along with Arapahoe County, Inverness Metro District and the Southeast Public Improvement Metropolitan District. Thank you to our partners for your coordination.