Shatavia, Shavae, Skyla, ShaunTaniese, Shaun, Serenity, Shani photo

These fun loving sisters are sure to brighten you life and your home!

Shatavia is the oldest of the sisters. She is funny, helpful, and a caring a very thoughtful and insightful youth. Shatavia loves animals, scary movies, makeup and hair.

Shavae is the second oldest of the girls. She is funny, kind, helpful. Shavae likes to dance, basketball, cheerleading, singing, and participate in plays. 

Skyla is funny helpful, talkative, honest and likes to give hugs. Skyla likes dance, cheerleading, singing,  plays and using her imagination.

ShaunTaniese tends to be more shy and reserved. She enjoys dancing, cheerleading and singing and gymnastics. 

Serenity likes todance, cheerleading, play dress up,and use her imagination . She likes to give hugs, is engaging and likesto talk. 

Shani is sweet, kind, funny, outgoing, talkative and full of personality. She likes to engage with her sisters and play dress up, and use her imagination. Shani is a bit more independence and will do her own thing at times.

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