Assessment Calendar

January 1, 2019
All taxable property is listed, appraised, and valued for the 2019/2020 Assessment Roll based on its status as of this date. Property valuations are based on cost, market and income data collected between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018. For residential property only the market approach to value can be considered.

By January 10
2018 tax warrant (listing property owners, assessments, and taxes due) is delivered to the Treasurer with the authority to collect taxes.

By February 28
First half of 2018 taxes must be received (if paid in installments).

By April 15
All personal property (equipment and furnishings) must be listed on a 2019 Declaration Schedule and returned to the Assessor to avoid penalties.

By April 30
Full amount of 2018 taxes must be received.

By May 1
Taxpayer is notified of real estate valuations for 2019/2020.

May 1 – June 3
Assessor hears appeals to real estate valuations.

By June 15
Taxpayer is notified of personal property valuations for 2019.

By June 15
Second half of 2018 taxes must be received (if paid in installments).

June 15– June 30
Assessor hears appeals to personal property valuations.

By August 25
Valuations are certified to each of the taxing entities in the county.


Real estate tax lien sale of property on which 2016 taxes have not been paid.

By December 10
Valuations are re-certified to each of the taxing entities.