Arapahoe County needs your help

Arapahoe County is the fastest growing county in Colorado. Arapahoe County Conversations LogoAnd why wouldn’t it be? Our cities and communities feature some of the best quality of life our state has to offer. But accommodating that success, and the growth it brings with it, requires careful analysis of our current situation and a focus on what’s best for all our residents going forward. It means planning our future together.

County leaders have reached out to residents, providing them with needed information to help make critical decisions that will move our county forward. In short, we’ll be working with you to plan our future together.

• Arapahoe County is one of Colorado’s fastest growing counties with more than 650,000 residents. By 2030, 800,000 are likely to live here making us the most populous county in the metro area and surpassing the City and County of Denver.

• Arapahoe County has a reputation for being an efficiently-run, fiscally responsible government. But growth presents new challenges. 

• As the population grows, so does the need for County services.  And much of the County infrastructure – roads, bridges, jail, courthouse – is aging. How do we keep up with the demands of growth and maintain our current facilities?

• Arapahoe County has some of the lowest property taxes in the state. And county government only keeps 15 percent of what it collects to invest in county services and infrastructure. The rest goes to schools, cities and towns and special districts like fire and water. 

Since 2016, County leadership and residents have been working to better understand the long-term needs of the county so they can develop a path forward. 

How did we get here?

What did the analysis show?

The County has been exploring and evaluating how to meet these critical public safety needs, including options that require voter approval. The Commissioners actively engaged residents and businesses in these discussions.

Where to my taxes go
Transportation challenges and solutions
Public safety challenges and solutions