Roman and Elias

Spending time together delights these brothers!

Wherever he goes, Roman makes friends! This outgoing youth thrives on relationships and sharing tales of his adventures. If you like hearing jokes, look no further. This funny guy has been described as goofy with a good sense of humor. Nature excites Roman and camping is his most loved activity, especially if there is a swimming spot nearby. Playing his favorite video game with his brother would be an ideal day at home. As a fourth grader, Roman is proud of his work at school.

Meet the friendly Elias! Making friends is one of his many talents. Spending a sunny day swimming is Elias’ top hobby. He also delights in playing video games with his brother. Camping and making s’mores are well-loved activities for this outdoor enthusiast. Elias is performing at grade level in his third-grade year.  
All family types will be considered for this dynamic duo. 

For more information, Email Natalie Coronado, Adoption Recruiter. Thank you!

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