I-70/Airpark-Watkins Interchange Study

The issue – why a study is needed

The interchanges at I-70/Airpark and I-70/Watkins Road were originally designed to serve the rural surrounding area. Today, a number of new developments are planned and approved in Arapahoe and Adams County. To accommodate for increasing traffic needs, these interchanges will require improvements.

Arapahoe County is leading a transportation study to evaluate and develop recommended improvements at each interchange. This is just the first step in the process. Once improvements are recommended, an environmental study will occur and then the project moves to the design phase prior to construction. The entire process is expected to last five or more years.

April 4 Public Meeting: If you missed the meeting, please find maps and information from that meeting here


  • Forge partnerships with key agency stakeholders to identify and leverage funding
  • Develop and analyze reasonable and feasible interchange improvements
  • Conduct an environmental clearance for the recommended action alternative and the no-action alternative
  • Prepare preliminary design and identify cost estimates
  • Satisfy the requirements of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) interchange approval process and obtain CDOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval of a recommended action alternative
  • Prepare a phasing plan for construction


  • By April 2019: Evaluate existing and forecasted conditions
  • By June 2019: Develop and analyze alternatives
  • By July 2019: Recommend improvements for each interchange
  • August 2019 into 2020: Conduct environmental study and develop preliminary designs

Public Involvement

Three public meetings are planned:

  • April 4, 2019: Introduce the study, highlight existing conditions and present potential improvement concepts
         Meeting documents can be downloaded here
  • Summer 2019: Present the analysis of recommended alternative concepts for each interchange
  • Late 2019: Present preliminary design and environmental study information

In addition to open house meetings with the public, meetings also will be held with individual stakeholders and small groups as needed throughout the design process. If you would like to invite the project team to speak with you or your group, please contact Leah Langerman, Consultant Public Involvement Coordinator.

Coordination with stakeholder agencies and developers including Adams County, City of Aurora, CDOT, FHWA, Denver Regional Council of Governments, Prosper, and Sky Ranch also will occur.

Join the Mailing List or Submit Comments and Questions

We appreciate your interest in the I-70 at Airpark & Watkins Interchanges Study. Comments are welcome at any time. To request project updates or submit comments and questions, contact:

Consultant Public Involvement Coordinator
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