Colorado's first county is also Colorado's fastest growing county

Colorado’s first county, Arapahoe County, is also Colorado’s fastest growing with nearly 650,000 residents today. By 2030, Arapahoe County is expected to become the largest county in the metro area with more than 800,000 people calling it home. Arapahoe County is home to 13 cities and towns and nine school districts.

Arapahoe County provides more than 240 services to county residents including critical services like car license renewal, elections, snow removal, road maintenance, police patrols and access to courts and a jail were most offenders sentenced in county courts serve their time.

Despite this rapid growth and large number of services provided, Arapahoe County has the lowest property tax rate in the Denver metro area. The county does not use sales tax to fund general county programs and services. About 85 percent of the property taxes collected in Arapahoe County go to school districts, fire protection, sewer and water services and cities and counties. Only 15 percent fund county services.