Listening to the Needs of Kids (LINKS)

LINKSLINKS engages and works with families to develop plans for the safety and care of children and support of families through a family-centered process for decision making. Facilitators use the Two-Generation (2Gen) Approach of serving the whole family, specifically children and the adults in their lives together. 

LINKS is held at the beginning of a child protection case when a family needs additional ongoing support and is held again approximately every 90 days until safety is achieved. Prior to LINKS meetings, trained facilitators prepare attendees and remain impartial during meetings.


To discuss safety, worries and plans for the family. Our focus is to hear the family's ideas about keeping the child/youth safe and further discuss services needed for the families involved.

Who Attends?

Parents, family members, caregivers, people who support you in keeping the child/youth safe, the caseworker and their supervisor and other parties , i.e. therapists, probation officers, community providers and more. If a dependency and neglect petition is filed with the Court, a Guardian ad litem (attorney for the children) may be present.

What to Expect?

An open and honest discussion to create the best family plan. The focus will be to build on existing safety and strengths of the family. Families will learn why there are worries about the safety of the child/youth. Families and the team will leave with a plan that clearly identifies 'next steps'.