Two-Generation (2Gen) Approach

The 2Gen approach is the practice of intentionally serving the whole family, specifically children and the adults in their lives together, and vulnerable adults and their caregivers simultaneously. This approach helps children and families get the education and workforce training, social supports like parenting skills and health care they need to create a legacy of economic stability and overall well-being. The success of the 2Gen approach is to see the positive outcomes pass from generation to generation.


Our Programs Through the 2Gen Lens

  • ArapaSOURCE: An online map tool for quick access to 18 community resources including food, financial, family, employment resources and more.
  • GOALS: Generational Opportunities to Achieve Long-term Success is a bridge housing project serving families experiencing homelessness. 
  • Classes and Workshops: Free resources and support programs for clients receiving services in Arapahoe County Human Services.
  • Family Resource Pavilion: A community based multi service system of care designed to serve adolescents and their families.
  • HSConnects: Data sharing system that serves to bring quality, accuracy and time saving benefits to families and individuals.
  • LINKSListening to the Needs of Kids is a service that brings families, relatives, and other supports together to jointly build a plan that brings forth best outcomes for children and their family.
  • Not One More Child in Arapahoe County: Community coalition that focuses on preventing child abuse and neglect through education, networking and innovation. 
  • Community Development and Prevention Program: Assisting community agencies and families through community development and family navigation services with the intent of preventing formal child and adult protection services involvement.
  • CarePortal: An innovative digital social platform that connects vulnerable children and families to people who have something to give.

*For more information on the Two-Generation Approach, visit Ascend the Aspen Institute.