Glendale Featured Projects

Glendale Featured

Infinity Park Development and Park Expansion

Thanks to an  intergovernmental agreement between Arapahoe County and the City of Glendale, residents have acres of open space that serve as the City’s backyard playground. Arapahoe County committed $3.375 million from the Open Space Fund to transform a property that once included 40-year-old vacant apartment buildings into passive open space land that will will stay that way forever.

Kentucky Bridge

Kentucky Avenue Bike/Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge is a critical connection to the Cherry Creek Regional Trail, serving citizens of the entire metro region. It greatly improved accessibility to Cherry Creek and to residential areas of Glendale, Denver and Arapahoe County. The bridge features a viewing platform and is 12-feet-wide so that hikers, bikers, walkers and families can enjoy a safe connection to Four Mile Park, Cherry Creek and the trail system. Open Spaces provided a $350,000 grant toward this project.