Persons with Disability Placard or Plates

As a service to our customers, we are now automatically prioritizing customers who come in for Disability Placards or Plates. Those customers will be assigned a ticket type that is called “on priority” in our new queuing system, Qmatic. Individuals can come in during our normal office hours and will be served quickly and efficiently, ahead of other customers who are also here to receive regular services.

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Conducting Business on Behalf of an Individual who is Disabled

Please note that if you want to conduct business on behalf of a spouse/relative/other individual who is disabled, and your name is not on the title to the vehicle in question, you must have a Power of Attorney letter for the disabled individual in order to conduct business on their vehicle’s record.

We are not authorized to modify an individual’s or vehicle’s record unless this letter is provided to the clerk processing the transaction.

Without the Power of Attorney letter the business you may conduct is limited. You may pay for the disabled individual’s registration, and have the tags and/or placard mailed to the disabled individual’s address on record. These documents cannot be directly given to anyone who is not on the title to the vehicle.