Ride-Along Program

NOTICE: This program is currently on hold until further notice.

We love our work, but we also understand that many people don’t have the real view of what goes on behind the scenes, and it just isn’t like what’s on TV! To get a glimpse into what deputies really do on patrol, we allow residents and applicants to our agency to participate in a Ride-Along Program. 

To participate, please complete the Ride-Along Program application and waiver. NOTE: If Adobe Reader is not your default PDF viewer, you will need to download the form before submitting it electronically. We do conduct background checks on all applicants prior to participating in the program. Participants must comply with all rules of the Ride-Along Program. 


  1. Persons wishing to ride should make the request least 48 hours prior to the time they anticipate riding.
  2. Waiver must be complete and signed.
  3. Watch Commanders or shift Sergeants may assign riders to deputies.
  4. Proper attire is required. There shall be no T-shirts, no jeans, no shorts, and shirts must have collars.
  5. Participants must follow all instructions and orders given to them by the deputy. Participants may accompany deputies into some situations but in others may have to remain in the patrol car or other place of safety.
  6. Civilians may participate a maximum of once every 90 days unless a Bureau Captain, Bureau Chief, the Undersheriff, or the Sheriff grants an exception.
  7. No cameras, tape recorders or weapons are permitted to be carried by civilians without the express permission of a Captain. No photographs or recordings shall be made of suspects or victims unless the ride-along participant is directed to do so by the deputy.
  8. Willful disobedience or discourtesy to an assigned deputy will result in the immediate termination of the ride-along.