Open Spaces Master Plan

pic_ACOS_MP_Wordmark_colorOn June 22, 2021, the Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners formally approved the updated Open Spaces master plan. The 2021 plan outlines priorities for the program for the next decade and beyond—and is the culmination of a yearlong process of extensive community input, research, and program analysis. We look forward to putting the plan into action in the weeks and months ahead. 

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A Message from the Commissioners

Dear residents, 

pic_open_spaces_outreach_cherry_creek_trailAt Arapahoe County, our mission is to enhance your quality of life through exceptional delivery of services and efficient use of public funds. We can think of no program more critical to this mission than Open Spaces. 

Imagine life without local trails to walk on, or parks and playgrounds to play in. Imagine an earth without birds and wildlife, streams, or natural places. Even if you don’t use them, it’s hard not to appreciate the inherent value of these precious natural resources. 

Arapahoe County Open Spaces works hard to protect and maintain these places. The program has seen great results since its inception in 2003, with the passing of the voter-approved, quarter-cent Open Space Sales and Use Tax. Since then, the County and our partners have built more than 70 miles of trails, supported more than 168 park and trailhead projects, and conserved more than 31,000 acres of open space across Arapahoe County. 

pic_open_spaces_fair_donkeyIn spring 2020, Open Spaces began a process to update its decade-old master plan. The program has accomplished a great deal since 2010, but now it was time to reexamine priorities and set a future course. This work is especially timely given the County’s rapid population growth and development; we must plan carefully for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

To that end, we are pleased to present the 2021 Open Spaces Master Plan. This document serves as a blueprint for the program’s future, and is based on extensive research, community input, and feedback from partners, stakeholders, a planning committee, and a citizen advisory board. 

pic_south_platte_park_biking_trailMore than 5,000 residents actively participated in the yearlong public input process, which is especially impressive engagement given the pandemic. We can’t thank you enough for your collaboration, input, and interest in protecting and preserving our local parks, trails, and open spaces for generations to come.

Board of County Commissioners

Associated Master Plans and Studies

To view other Open Spaces plans and associated studies, please visit the Planning Documents page.