Project Acceptance

Probationary Acceptance

Once public improvements (roadway and/or drainage) which are covered by a valid Arapahoe County permit are constructed to Arapahoe County Standards and Specifications, the owner/developer may send a letter to the Arapahoe County Public Works and Development Department requesting an inspection of the public improvements to be completed for the purposes of Probationary Acceptance.

Included with the letter shall be the Record Drawings for the public improvements designated and constructed by the owner/developer pursuant to the Subdivision Agreement, all testing documentation and a Monumentation Map.

Reduction in Collateral

Upon receipt of the Probationary Acceptance Letter from Arapahoe County, the owner/developer is eligible to have the subdivision agreement collateral reduced to 10% of the original value provided the County does not have sufficient reasoning, as determined by County Engineering Staff, to withhold a greater amount due to known deficiencies or potential problem areas. For probationary periods greater than one year, an additional 10% of the original collateral amount shall remain in force for each additional year, or fraction thereof, of probation.

Final Acceptance

Once subdivision public improvements have been completed and the designated warranty period as outlined in the Probationary Acceptance documents have been met, the owner/developer may request Final Acceptance.