Subdivision Agreements and Collateral

Applicants seeking Final Plat and/or Development Plan approval will be required to enter into a Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA) with the County to guarantee the Public Improvements. Public improvements generally include improvements within County Right-of-Way, Easements and/or tracts. This includes but is not limited to private roadways, driveways, sidewalks, Stormwater facilities, on-site water quality enhancement facilities, etc.

Applicant will need to provide an Engineer’s Cost Estimate (ECE) based on the public improvements associated with the Final Plat and/or Development Plan. ECE should be based on the ‘Unit Costs for Improvement Projects’ with a 15-20% contingency depending on the project – discuss with your case engineer.

County Case Engineer will prepare the SIA once the ECE has been finalized. The draft SIA will be provided to the Applicant after the collateral letter of intent is provided and proposed uses are finalized.

Refer to the Chapter 12 of the Infrastructure Design and Construction Standards Manual for additional details.