Appointment Policy

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office provides driver’s licenses, ID cards and driving records by appointment only as of June 1, 2017. We do not accept walk-in customers. (Walk-in services are available at State Driver’s License Offices.)

Our appointment schedule is created for maximum efficiency for all customers, and each appointment provides just the right amount of time for the transaction.


Appointments must be booked online by the citizen at through the Arapahoe website. Our online appointment system is updated in real-time, and reflects the most accurate availability. One appointment is required per customer.
Due to limited County staffing and resources, we strongly encourage citizens to schedule and manage appointments on their own. However, our employees will assist a citizen to make an appointment over the phone or in-person only under extenuating circumstances and if time allows. (We reserve the right to take a message and call you back within one (1) business day if you need assistance to make an appointment.)


Please arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment and check in at our kiosk. We will call your name over our intercom at your appointment time, and up to two (2) more times.

We will cancel your appointment if you have not checked in and/or responded to your name within six (6) minutes of your appointment time. Late arrivals will not be worked into the schedule. Our office policy is firm in this regard. If your appointment is cancelled due to late arrival, it is your responsibility to book another appointment.


We ask that you make every effort to cancel or reschedule at 12 hours in advance if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. This ensures that your appointment timeslot is available to other citizens who need our services. Please cancel or reschedule your appointment using the link in your confirmation or reminder emails. Due to limited County staffing and resources, our employees will assist you to cancel an appointment over the phone or in-person only under extenuating circumstances and if time allows.


It is your responsibility to read and understand the requirements for your transaction at the Colorado DMV website. If you do not bring the acceptable documents, we will not be able to serve you at your appointment, and you will need to reschedule for another time.


We respect our citizens’ time and make every effort to remain on-schedule. Some transactions are more complicated than initially anticipated, and emergencies or inclement weather may cause delays or office closures. If we are significantly delayed or need to close, every effort will be made to notify you and assist you to reschedule an appointment within 5 business days.


Your name, email address and phone number are required to book an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email upon scheduling and a reminder email 24 hours in advance of your appointment. These emails include important information about your transaction and links to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We may need to contact you about your specific appointment or transaction. Arapahoe County and Acuity Scheduling will NOT sell, rent, trade or exchange your personally-identifying information. Read the privacy policy of Acuity Scheduling.

Questions about this Policy?

Please direct any questions about this policy by email.