Kyler "KJ"

Kyler (KJ)
Born: 2000          Photo: Amy Johnson

Kyler, who goes by "KJ," is a likable teen with a great sense of humor! He has a wide variety of interests, some of which include sports like football and hockey, and outdoor activities like hunting and camping. KJ likes animals and enjoys playing video games and listening to music. It can take him a while to warm to adults, but once someone earns his trust, he is talkative and engaging.

In the tenth grade, KJ interacts well with his teachers and peers and has many friends at school. KJ aspires to be in the military when he is older.
  "KJ" would prefers a two-parent family; however, all family types will be considered. KJ would like a family that is open to helping him maintain important connections he has in his life.

For more information, please Email Natalie Coronado, Adoption Recruiter. Thank you!