Kiowa Creek Master Drainage Plan

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Kiowa Creek is a northward-flowing stream with source areas in the Platte River-Arkansas River divide area east of the Front Range. The Kiowa Creek Watershed, as measured at the Arapahoe County/Adams County line, covers approximately 275 square miles. The Master Drainage Plan (MDP) study will focus on the portion of Kiowa Creek and its tributaries within Arapahoe County, which covers approximately 42 square miles.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to complete a MDP to be implemented as development occurs in the Kiowa Creek watershed. The watershed is primarily undeveloped and the MDP will be used to provide guidance for future construction as development occurs. The project team will delineate the 100-year floodplain and investigate flood-prone areas, drainage problems, stream stabilization and roadway crossing structure adequacy. The team will assess degradation along the Creek and look for areas that may require bank stabilization. The team will also perform an environmental assessment to locate wetlands, riparian areas, and nesting sites.

Master Drainage Plan for Kiowa Creek and Tributaries

Master Drainage Plan
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April 25 Public Meeting Information

Kiowa Creek Public Meeting Presentation 2017-04-25
Figure 1 Kiowa Creek Study Area
Figure 2 Kiowa Study Reaches
Appendix B3 Arapahoe Soils
Appendix C1 Arapahoe Flood FEMA
Appendix C19 Arapahoe Flood MDP
Appendix C1 Arapahoe Flood Mapbook

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