High Line Canal

General Information

The High Line Canal is one of the longest and most spectacular linear parks in the nation (over 71 miles). It spans 11 governmental jurisdictions from Waterton Canyon in Douglas County to Green Valley Ranch in Northeast Denver. Its cottonwood banks weave through residential neighborhoods, public parks, golf courses, cemeteries, commercial and industrial lands, and over and under urban thruways, all while offering those traveling its banks a slice of nature while in an urban setting.

The Canal is owned and operated by Denver Water. They currently intermittently operate the canal from the Spring through the Fall to deliver water to contract holders for South Platte River water.

High Line Canal Crossing Study

This study evaluated options and presents recommendations for grade-separated trail crossings and/or other roadway improvements at nine designated locations along the High Line Canal Trail in Arapahoe County to facilitate safer interaction between trail users and motorists.

Sable Boulevard north of Ellsworth
S. Havana north of E. Exposition
S. Broadway & E. Arapahoe
E. Orchard Rd. west of University
E. Orchard Rd. west of S. Colorado Blvd
E. Quincy east of Colorado Blvd.
S. Holly St. north of I-25
E. Mississippi Ave. and S. Parker Road
S. Holly St. and E. Yale Ave

Feasibility Study for High Line Canal Crossings, June 2014 (This document is large and will take several minutes to load.)

An Addendum to the Study included the E. Florida Ave. Trail Crossing. View the Addendum available.

High Line Canal Conservancy

The Conservancy was formed in 2014 by a passionate coalition of citizens to provide leadership and harness the region’s commitment to protecting the future of the High Line Canal.

The High Line Canal Conservancy, in partnership with Arapahoe County, is leading a large-scale planning effort to ensure this well-loved trail reaches its greatest potential as an economic, environmental, recreational and social asset along not just some, but all of its 71 miles.

Then Gov. John Hickenlooper, Mayor Steve Hogan and Commissioner Chair Nancy Doty kicked off the project during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Commissioners Nancy Jackson, Nancy Sharpe, who serves on the High Line Canal Working Group, and Commissioner Bill Holen also attended the event.