Personal Safety

No matter who you are, taking an active part in personal safety can make you less of a target for criminals. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity where the criminal seizes the moment and makes there move. There are some simple things we can incorporate into our daily lives that can reduce these crimes of opportunity.


Many of us are so busy with work and life that we forget to look around us. We walk around making phone calls, posting to Facebook, and reading our Twitter feed or the latest celebrity gossip. Criminals look for the time when you are most distracted; when you are not paying attention to your purse, wallet or briefcase. They know that you do not see them following you to your car they want to steal. Being aware of where you are and who is around you can make you less of a target.


You might call it intuition, gut instinct or a sixth sense. You might just have the hairs on your neck stand up. Pay attention. So often, we want to believe that people are genuinely good, so we suppress those feelings we have that something is wrong. Don’t do that. Don’t be afraid of coming off as unfriendly. If you feel at all uncomfortable, escape the situation however you can.

For additional safety information, contact:

Deputy Scott Sickafoose at 720-874-4040

Deputy Jason Presley at 720-874-3695