Sharron webphoto_BW.jpg
Sharron Born July 2000

Playing dress-up is so much fun for Sharron! Trying on beautiful dresses and jewelry, and having her hair braided and nails painted are the ultimate treats for this girly-girl. Sharron is a big fan of Disney movies and enjoys playing with her dolls. Quiet time and relaxing in a bath is how she likes to unwind from a busy day.

She is in the ninth grade.

Sharron benefits from an Individualized Education Plan for supportive services. Sharron has profound developmental disabilities and autism. She is mostly non-verbal but says a few words and responds to some sign language. Sharron does best with a lot of individual support and structure at school and home. She participates in therapeutic services for delays and sensory issues. Sharron is generally healthy. She requires close one-on-one supervision to meet her needs and keep her safe. Sharron does best in a quiet, low-stimulating environment.

Sharron needs a strong, calm family who can understand her needs and provide individual attention, structure, and supervision. She needs a foster-adoptive family with two parents where she is the youngest or only child so she can get the attention she deserves.

For more information, please Email Natalie Coronado. Thank you!