Concrete Maintenance

Arapahoe County Public Works and Development maintains and initiates repairs to sidewalks, sidewalk chase drains, curb and gutters, pedestrian ramps, cross pans/aprons, concrete pavements and driveway accesses (curb cuts) within the right-of-way of the unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County.

Our maintenance and repairs are categorized as follows:
Yearly Program Repairs – These repairs are generally concrete removal and replacements that are completed ahead of proposed roadway resurfacing projects. Work is completed in accordance with Arapahoe County Standard Specifications by concrete contractors and occasionally by in-house crews.
Routine/Emergency Repairs – These repairs are prioritized, scheduled and completed by Road and Bridge Concrete Maintenance Crews in accordance with the Arapahoe County Concrete Repair Policy Manual. Generally, deteriorating concrete must be completely removed and then replaced; however, some sidewalk trip hazards can either be lifted or shaved down to mitigate the hazard.
Budgetary constraints coupled with a large backlog of requests, often limit the amount of concrete repairs completed each year. As such, concrete repair needs are continually assessed and reprioritized.

Arapahoe County Public Works and Development employees are dedicated to promptly negating any unsafe or hazardous conditions that may exist within the County right-of-way. Such hazardous conditions may include significant tripping hazards located in a high traffic pedestrian area, or a defect located within a vehicle travel lane severe enough to effect traffic. In some instances, temporary repairs such as asphalt patching may be performed until more permanent repairs can be made. Click here to report damaged concrete.

2021 Concrete Replacement Plan

Please call Arapahoe County Public Works and Development at (720) 874-6500 with any questions regarding the current Concrete Repair and Maintenance Program.

To report a concrete maintenance concern, please call (720) 874-ROAD (7623) or submit a request online.