Parker Road Corridor Study

Project Background
Arapahoe County in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, Colorado Department of Transportation, City of Aurora and Douglas County undertook a Corridor Study for Parker Road (State Highway 83) between Hampden Avenue and E470. The objective in pursuing the study was to develop interim and long term recommended improvements for the corridor. The Parker Road Corridor Study, which began August 10, 2007, is a study to examine alternatives for improving mobility, accessibility and safety while balancing local community needs along Parker Road.

The study considered all modes of transportation in this travel corridor, including mass transit, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Throughout this study, the County coordinated closely with the local entities within and adjacent to the corridor. To foster this ongoing communication, we formed various committees. These committees included an Executive, Technical Advisory Committees and work groups with various community interest groups (residential, business, property owners, public safety/emergency service providers, bike/ped). The intent was to have elected officials or designated senior staff from each of the communities and oversight agencies on the EC. The TAC included staff from each of the affected jurisdictions and support agencies. Working groups included those individuals or organizations that represented a particular community interest.

A Public Hearing was held at 9:30 a.m., Dec. 7 at which all interested citizens and persons were given an opportunity to be heard concerning the proposed adoption of the Parker Road Corridor between Hampden Avenue and E-470.
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