The Most Frequently Asked Zoning Questions

  1. What is outdoor storage? The storage of any material outside of the principal permitted structure on any parcel, which material is either wholly or partially visible.
  2. Can I run a business from my house?
  3. Can I open a day care from my house?
  4. Do I need a permit to replace a fence? For more information contact Arapahoe County Zoning Division at (720) 874-6711.
  5. How many dogs and cats may I have?
  6. How long can I keep a pod or a roll off on my property? Can I put them in the street? Pod or roll offs are allowed provided the following:
    1. Shall not be located in the public right of way
    2. Shall not be closer than 5’ from a side or rear property line
    3. Shall not block access
    4. Shall not exceed the height of an allowed accessory structure
    5. Shall be located in areas of least visibility
    6. Must be removed from the site no later than 10 days after construction activity has ceased or
    for no more than seven (7) consecutive days for the purpose of moving or estate sale.
  7. Can I construct a shed without a permit? Accessory uses and structures are not permitted unless and until the principal permitted use has been established on the property.
    A. Accessory buildings greater than 120 sq. ft. in size and/or 10' in height shall observe all yard and height requirements.
    B. Structures constructed for accessory uses shall not be used for dwelling purposes.
    C. Except for agricultural usage only, accessory structures shall not exceed 10% of the lot area or a maximum of 1,000 square feet, and a maximum building height of 15 feet.
  8. Am I restricted on the number of outdoor lights? What if my neighbor’s lights shine onto my property?
  9. Who do I contact about shrubs and trees that block/hang over a sidewalk or a street sign? Contact 720-874-(ROAD) 7623.
  10. Who do I call when my neighbor refuses to mow his grass and remove the weeds/noxious weeds? Contact Russell Johnson, Weed Control Specialist at 720-874-6713 or email him.
  11. Does Arapahoe County have a snow removal regulation? The County does not remove snow from sidewalks or pedestrian walkways. Citizens are encouraged to shovel walks adjacent to their homes as a courtesy to their neighbors and for the safety of pedestrians. Do not push or shovel snow into the street. It is illegal to place snow from private drives or parking lots onto public rights-of-way.
  12. What is the definition of the pet in a residential neighborhood? "Pets" per the Land Development Code are defined as follows:
    Dogs and cats over the age of six months, pot bellied pigs, and reptiles or other small animals of a type typically purchased at local pet stores, which are customarily kept in the home or on the premises for the sole pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants and not raised for commercial purposes. The definition of pets does not include chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys or other poultry or domesticated fowl. Pets that are caged indoors or kept in a terrarium or aquarium or confined in a pond will not be counted in the allowed quantity of pets within a zone district. Keeping of wild or exotic animals as defined by the State of Colorado Division of Wildlife is PROHIBITED. Keeping of any poisonous animal is PROHIBITED. Keeping of any constrictor snake or any reptile with a length greater than three (3) feet, measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, is PROHIBITED.
    For more information contact Arapahoe County Zoning Division at (720) 874-6711.
  13. Can I park my RV in the driveway? If the vehicle has current/Colorado plates and is operable, it is in compliance with Arapahoe County Zoning, but you may want to check with your HOA.
  14. My neighbor has too many vehicles parked in the street. Is there a number restriction? If the vehicle has current/Colorado plates and is operable, it is in compliance and any further questions need to be referred to the Arapahoe County Sheriff at 303-795-4711.
  15. How many people can live in one house? An individual or two or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption residing under one head of household, or a group of not more than five (5) persons, who need not be related, living as a single housekeeping unit. The definition of “Family” specifically excludes any group home licensed by the State for the use of four (4) to eight (8) persons.
  16. Are medical marijuana dispensaries allowed?
  17. Who do I report graffiti to? Contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff at 303-795-4711.
  18. Can I bury or burn my trash? Contact Arapahoe County Public Health at 303-795-HLTH and/or your local Fire District.