Religious Services

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Detention Facility provides a full-time chaplain to meet the religious needs of inmates. The chaplain conducts weekly religious services, supplies religious materials upon request and meets with individual inmates for counseling, encouragement and prayer.

The chaplain and programs staff oversee the many religious services facilitated by volunteers offered each week. Additionally, the chaplain and programs staff coordinate with 90 other professional clergy of varied denominational or religious backgrounds to help meet the diverse religious needs of the inmates.

The various religious services and studies are provided so inmates can continue their religious practices or become re-acquainted with them. Many desire to grow more devout or informed with a hope of finding peace of mind, a new direction or meaning for life or to feel better about themselves or their situation. The chaplain and the many volunteers are committed to supporting inmates desiring information, fellowship and encouragement while they are incarcerated.