Canada Geese

Did you know?

  • The Canada goose is one of the most visible and well-known waterfowl.
  • The males and females are similar in appearance and weights can range from eight to 13 pounds.
  • Canada geese, as with all migratory birds, are a federally protected species. It is not legal to kill Canada geese or damage their eggs or nests without prior written permission. However, a permit is not required to scare or repel geese to protect your property, as long as the birds are not harmed.
  • While many geese have become year-round residents in Colorado, Canada geese that do migrate through the state can fly as far north as Alaska and Canada in the summer, and as far south as Texas, southern California and sometimes parts of Mexico in the winter.
  • Their feeding habits are very regular and they are known to return day after day to the same location if they are not disturbed. Canada geese will feed on newly sprouted lawns and established grass in urban areas.

Tips for coexisting with Canada Geese:

  • Do not feed geese!
  • Fence your yard. Large rocks, shrubs and visual barriers between grass and water will discourage geese from choosing your property as their residence.
  • During fall and winter, noise-making tactics may discourage these birds from staying on your property.
  • The key to discouraging Canada geese from inhabiting your land is to respond quickly, stay persistent, and try to use more than one method at a time.