Certification of Tax Levies

Pursuant to 39-1-111 C. R. S., the County is required to certify the tax levies for itself, cities, towns, municipalities, school districts and special districts within its jurisdiction to the Assessor and report them to State of Colorado each year.  

For local taxing jurisdictions within Arapahoe County that are planning on levying a property tax, a certification of tax levy for the property tax must be submitted to the County by Dec. 15 pursuant to 39-5-128(1) C.R.S. The certification of tax levy can be submitted on the form provided by the Assessor's Office or via the State of Colorado's Form DLG 70.

Submission of Certification of Tax Levies

For Arapahoe County, the Budget Division compiles the information and prepares the report for the Board of County Commissioners review and adoption at a public hearing. All certification of tax levy forms should be submitted to the Budget Division via email or via fax or U.S. Mail to the contact information provided by the December 15th deadline, set by statute.


For assistance or information on completing the information on the certification of tax levy form, please contact the Colorado Division of Local Government.  

It is important to note that each taxing jurisdiction should become knowledgeable about possible mill levy limitations based on their unique circumstances prior to submitting their certification of tax levy to the county. The Board of County Commissioners presumes that the taxing jurisdiction has complied with the Colorado constitutional and statutory requirements concerning said levies and the Board of County Commissioners assumes no liability or responsibility associated with any levy of any taxing jurisdiction except for the ministerial, non-discretionary act of certification.

If you have questions regarding the submission of the certification of tax levy information to the county, please do not hesitate to contact the Budget Division at 303-795-4690 or via email.