Arapahoe County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Arapahoe County is kicking off a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master planning process and we want your involvement. If you are interested in making Arapahoe County more walkable and bike-friendly, visit the Arapahoe the County Bike and Pedestrian website to learn about the project and upcoming opportunities to provide input.

Cheyenne-Arapaho and Long's Pine Grove Master Planning

Located in the urbanized northwest corner of Arapahoe County, within what is called the “Four Square Mile Neighborhood”, two County-owned parks will be master-planned to pave the way for improvements that will provide new (or improved) community recreational resources to enhance the daily lives of County residents.

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This multi-faceted project involves the master planning, detailed design, and eventual construction of improvements at both parks (the existing Cheyenne-Arapaho Park and the new Long’s Pine Grove Park), a process which is intended to dovetail with the March, 2015 Four Square Mile Recreation Needs and Opportunities Assessment .