Tristan web photo 2016.jpg
Born: December 2004

Tristan is an adorable, sweet child who especially enjoys playing with toy cars and trains. Thomas is his favorite. He loves to line up his cars and carry them around. Tristan is very active and likes to jump and wander around. He likes to have fun and especially enjoys trampolines. He also enjoys listening to music and watching TV. Tristan is diagnosed with autism. He understands language and responds but has difficulty with expressing himself. He says several short sentences to communicate his needs and repeats words and phrases he hears. Tristan has been quick to learn things like numbers, words, names, and routines. He remembers songs and likes to sing. He has made some good progress in learning new skills. Tristan often prefers to play by himself, but he is becoming more social and playing more with other children. Tristan is often quiet and cooperative and has done well overall following routines at home. He can be very endearing and loving and sometimes likes to be tickled and hold hands and get hugs.

Tristan benefits from an Individualized Education Plan at school and a smaller specialized classroom. He responds well to structure and consistency. Tristan likes school. He has made good progress as school can sometimes be over stimulating for him. Tristan benefits from therapeutic services, which will need to continue. He is a healthy child although he has some food allergies.

Tristan needs a loving, patient, committed family who can understand his needs and provide consistency and structure and help him reach his full potential. He can do well with other children and all family types will be considered. It is important for him to maintain some relationship with his siblings and other family connections. Tristan is very endearing and deserves a forever family.

For more information, please Email Natalie Coronado. Thank you!