Quincy Avenue / Gun Club Road Intersection Improvements

  • Construction began October 7, 2019
  • 1-800-394-7020 or ccahill@benesch.com (subject line: Quincy/Gun Club)

The intersection of Quincy Avenue and Gun Club Road experiences significant congestion during the morning and evening rush hours with very long waits at traffic signals that can take four cycles to get through. Your ease of transportation is important to the County. In a recent citizen survey, you told us that working on traffic congestion is a top priority for you. The improvement of this intersection will have a positive regional impact for commuters. 

The project requires coordination with several partners including CDOT who owns the north section of this intersection and the City of Aurora who owns Quincy Avenue. Arapahoe County owns the south section of the intersection.

quincy_gun club.jpg

The improvement project will occur along Quincy Avenue from the western E-470 ramps out approximately 2,000 feet east of Gun Club Road. It also will impact Gun Club Road approximately 2,100 feet in both the north and south directions.

This is a federalized project as supported by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

All new layout (PCFI)

The new intersection is called a Partial Continuous Flow Intersection (PCFI) and is a modern and efficient approach to solving the congestion issue. When the improvements are complete, you will no longer wait at a long traffic signal when turning on to Quincy Avenue from Gun Club Road. You will be able to enter a turn movement lane about a quarter mile away from the intersection. That lane will allow you to continuously flow as you bypass the intersection and enter on to Quincy. 

This video can be viewed to see a drive-through of a very similar intersection in Utah. You also can view the final final layout design and the Proposed Right-of-Way and Easement Plan.

The total anticipated cost of this project is expected to be approximately $14M with contributions from the following entities: Federal fuding ($4,892,000), City of Aurora ($4,554,000) and Arapahoe County ($4,554,000). 

Additional Project Resources: 2010 Design Study, 2014 Design Study