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Internal Affairs Unit
Complaints and Commendations
Arapahoe County is committed to providing the highest quality public safety services to our citizens. Personnel commendations and complaints assist us in evaluating the quality of service we provide.

Complaints and commendations can be made by telephone, letter, email, or in person.  They can also be filed 24 hours a day with the on-duty supervisor or during regular business hours with the Internal Affairs Unit.

All complaints, including anonymous complaints will be accepted. If the investigation indicates misconduct, the employee will be disciplined according to the seriousness of the rules violation.

Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary actions can range from verbal counseling to suspension, or in extreme cases, termination.

If the allegation is criminal in nature, the case will be presented for prosecution.


In 2016, the Internal Affairs Unit completed 55 official internal affairs investigations in addition to a variety of other concerns and inquires. This is a 6.7 percent decrease from 2015. This unit also reviewed 480 Use of Force reports, 82 vehicle incident reports and issued 3,519 new concealed handgun permits and 998 renewal permits.

More Information

If you would like more information about the commendation / complaint process, please contact the Office of Professional Standards / Internal Affairs section at 720-874-4014, or download our brochure. Procedimientos para dar reconocimientos al personal y presentar quejas en contra del personal en espanol.