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Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP)

Alternative Sentencing Programs (ASP) are programs offered by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office that provide an alternative to general population incarceration. It is a privilege to participate in ASP and it requires recommendation from the courts and final approval by the Sheriff's Office. These programs allow inmates to secure employment, support their family, maintain financial obligations, attend therapy and other scheduled events while serving their court ordered sentence. 

This application is for Work Release, Home Detention and MOP only. To apply for the Weekender Program, you must call the ASP Office. See this pamphlet for additional information.


Violation(s) of ASP conditions, rules and regulations can and may result in reassignment to general population, disciplinary action, loss of good time or additional charges filed against you. This applies to all programs.

Even though the courts may have issued written recommendation to participate in a program, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office has final approval on all individual's acceptance on a case-by-case basis.