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Operations and Maintenance Manual Templates
Designing Stormwater Facilities
The design of all stormwater management facilities within the County must be performed with access and long-term operation and maintenance being priority considerations.An Operation and Maintenance Manual must be developed concurrent with the design for all:
  • Detention ponds
  • Open channels
  • Post-construction water quality BMPs
  • Other stormwater facilities as determined by the county

Operation and Maintenance Manual
The information that is provided in the O&M Manual will help the owner’s maintenance personnel understand the facility, will provide guidance for inspection and maintenance operations specific to the type of facility, and will provide mechanisms for ensuring that the long-term maintenance of the facility is performed.

Maintenance Agreements
The County also requires that a stormwater facilities maintenance agreement between the County and the owner be executed for all stormwater facilities to ensure that the facilities will be maintained in accordance with the O&M Manual.A copy of the standard County Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Agreement (Appendix A) for owner review is provided on the Download Templates page.

Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority Boundary
Appendix A shall be used for all County projects requiring an O&M Manual, even if the project is within the boundaries of the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority.The remaining County templates are for use outside of SEMSWA’s boundary.Your County case engineer can assist you in determining if your project is within SEMSWA’s boundary.

The O&M Manual shall be submitted for acceptance and shall be prepared by the design engineer and certified by the owner and design engineer.Except for Appendix A from the Download Templates page, if your site is within SEMSWA’s boundary, please use SEMSWA’s Operation and Maintenance Manual Templates.