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Engineering Permits
Field Staff Responsibilities
The Engineering Services Division has field staff devoted to permitting and inspecting of infrastructure approved by the Engineering Services review engineers and for the permitting and inspection of various utilities within the public right-of-way. 

Field Staff Inspections
This field staff performs inspections that are related to the following permits: 

Several other responsibilities of the County’s Engineering Inspectors include:
  • Inspect all components of the public improvements including roadway, storm drainage, and environmental best management practices (BMPs)
  • Enforce the terms of Improvement Agreements that may be associated with the land development
  • Ensure that all infrastructure is adequately repaired and landscaping is properly restored following installation or repair of utilities
  • Ensure that all construction performed within the public right-of-way is done in a manner consistent with current GESC requirements.
  • Monitor construction traffic control to ensure work zone safety standards are followed and so motorists are not unreasonably delayed due to activity in the public right-of-way
  • Ensure Arapahoe County complies with our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit by permitting and inspecting GESC related to new development
  • Ensure an acceptance of the public improvements is issued once public infrastructure is determined to be constructed in conformance with the County's standards

Any type of inspection that involves electrical, plumbing, foundation, dry wall, roof, attached garage, or an addition or improvement to a building or a house must go through the Building Division at 720-874-6600.

Contractors are required to be bonded, but not licensed, to do work in Arapahoe County. Please call 720-874-6500 for bond information.