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Fletcher, Shelby, Jacqulynn
Fletcher, Shelby, Jacqulynn
Born: June 2006, Feb. 2008, April 2011
Photo By: Natalie Beck

This sibling group of three could fill your home with boundless love and activity!

Fletcher is a friendly and charming boy who cares deeply for others! His list of best-loved activities includes riding bikes, playing video games, and being outside. Fletcher has excellent manners and a sweet disposition. As a fifth grader, he performs at grade level interacts well with peers and teachers.

Board games, especially Apples to Apples, are loads of fun for Shelby! She likes to keep busy with art projects and playing with her dolls. Shelby is an outdoorsy girl who enjoys horseback riding and archery. She is independent, talkative, and relishes being the center of attention. As a third grader, Shelby performs at grade level and maintains friendships at school.

When Jacqulynn, who goes by "Jackie," meets new people, they instantly want to interact with her! She is a happy little girl who likes playing with toys and being with her siblings. Jackie enjoys being outdoors and has so much fun playing on the jungle gym. She is in kindergarten. 

A two-parent family is preferred for these children; however, all family types will be considered. We only accept inquiries on the entire sibling group, who will be placed together.

For more information, please contact Natalie Coronado, Adoption Recruiter at   Thank you!