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Roderick and Sadee
Roderick and Sadee
Born: April 2006 & Nov.2002 Photo: Heather Knierim

Roderick, who goes by "Monte," and Sadee are active, affectionate and engaging siblings! With a love for hip-hop, it's not uncommon to find these two dancing together to their favorite beats.

Those who know Monte best describe him as a fun child with a great sense of humor. With energy to spare, he enjoys spending time playing football and basketball. Video games are another must-have activity for this guy. Monte is an intelligent seventh grader who engages well with adults and maintains friendships with peers.

Sadee always has time for arts and crafts, playing with her dolls, and putting together puzzles. She is an energetic and lively girl who loves to keep busy with activities such as jumping rope and playing outside. Described as sweet and affectionate, Sadee interacts positively with adults and peers, and relishes hugs from those she trusts. This bright fourth grader performs at grade level and strives to do well.

Monte and Sadee currently benefit from counseling, which may need to continue after placement. These children would like an active two-parent family that is able to keep up with them.

For more information, please contact Natalie Coronado, Adoption Recruiter at   Thank you!