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Complete Marriage License and Certificate

STEP TWO: Complete the marriage certificate

After you have applied for and received your marriage license certificate, follow these instructions to complete the marriage license in black ink.

County, Date, Location and Names

  • In the first blank on the Marriage Certificate, print the name of the county where you are married.
  • In the next three blanks, print the month, date, year and time of day of the marriage. Spell out the month, and use the numerical date, year and time. (For example, 12th day of March, 2016, 11:00 a.m.)
  • Fill in the next blank with the specific location, city and state of the marriage.

Signature of Officiating Party A marriage may be solemnized by judges, retired judges, magistrates, Indian tribe officials and clergy, or by the couple themselves.
  • If your marriage is solemnized by an officiant, he/she should sign on the line titled “Signature of Officiating Party” and write his/her title on the line titled “Print Title of Officiating Party.” The written title should be judge or magistrate, or a specific ordination such as Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Imam, Monk, etc. “Officiant” is not acceptable.
  • If the officiant does not have one of these designations or if your marriage is self-solemnized, the couple should sign on the line titled “Signature of Officiating Party” using their signatures before marriage, and print your names as stated on the certificate on the line titled “Print Title of Officiating Party.”

Signatures of Party One, Party Two and Witnesses

  • The couple should sign the “Party One Signature” and “Party Two Signature” lines. If either party is changing their name, they may sign with their new name or their current legal signature.
  • Two witness signatures are optional. Witnesses may sign on the lines titled “Witness Signature.”

Need more details? See a printer-friendly version of these instructions and a sample marriage license certificate. For more information, please contact our Recording Division at 303-795-4520, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

STEP THREE: Record Your Marriage License
After you have properly completed out the marriage license and certificate, you must return the completed marriage license and certificate for recording to our Littleton Branch office only within 63 days of the marriage.