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Major Planning Cases
Current Land Development Case Map
This interactive map displays all land development cases under review in unincorporated Arapahoe County: 

Land Development Code Update
Arapahoe County is updating its land development code to improve our process and offer alternatives to Planned Unit Development zoning. Please visit our Code Update page for more information about the project, including the draft Planned Unit Development regulations. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed PUD chapter changes on November 1, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. That night, the Planning Commission will meet in the CSU Extension meeting rooms (6934 South Lima Street #B, Centennial, CO 80112); the entrance is on the east side of the building near the golf course.   

Platte Canyon Villas (formerly Littleton Valley Villas) Preliminary Development Plan
Valerian LLC on behalf of KB Home Colorado submitted a Preliminary Development Plan/rezoning request for the southwest corner of S Platte Canyon Road and W Bowles Ave (5977 S Platte Canyon Road). On August 2, the Arapahoe County Planning Commission recommended denial of the original proposal for 50 units of duplex/paired home housing. The applicant has revised their application by reducing the proposed density from 50 to 40 duplex/paired home units (20 buildings) and submitted revised plans to the county on September 23, 2016. The revised proposal would change the zoning on the property from R-2 (single-family zoning with 20,000 minimum lot size) to R-PM (residential - medium density up to 10.9 dwellings/acre) - this is the same general zoning classification they requested before. In response to public hearing comments requesting that the name "Littleton" be removed, the applicant also changed the name to Platte Canyon Villas.  

The following documents provide additional information on the revised proposal:

Like the previous proposal, the county sent the revised proposal to outside agencies such as nearby cities and the Colorado Department of Transportation. This request requires public hearings at Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. The revised proposal will be heard at a future Planning Commission meeting; we will post more information here when the meeting is scheduled.     

If you would like more information about the project, please contact Molly Orkild-Larson, Arapahoe County Senior Planner. You may also contact the applicant, Paul McMahon with Valerian LLC.

Four Square Mile Sub-Area Plan Amendment
Property owners, serving as applicants, are requesting that three properties within an area generally southwest of South Uinta Way be amended to allow single-family dwellings at a density of 1 to 2 dwelling units/acre. The area is currently designated as 1 dwelling unit/acre. These are established land use categories within the Four Square Mile SubArea Plan, an element of the County's Comprehensive Plan, and designate only a general range of densities. Land must be appropriately zoned to allow subdivision to create additional lots. If the amendment were to be approved, the applicants indicate that they may apply for zoning changes and subdivisions on their individual properties.  

The application has been referred to outside agencies for review and comment, and a notice of application has been sent to neighboring property owners. The request also requires a Planning Commission public hearing; we will post more information about the date when the project is ready for a hearing. If you would like information about the proposal or have comments to submit on the proposal, please contact Jan Yeckes, Planning Division Manager, by email or by phone: 720-874-6655.

Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch is located south of I-70 at exit 292 (map of area). The Sky Ranch PUD was approved in 2004; that zoning replaced some existing Mixed Use zoning that included the Aurora Airpark located just south of I-70. The overall site included 772 acres and was approved for up to 4,000 dwelling units and 1.15 million square feet of non-residential buildings. The Sky Ranch PUD included four neighborhoods (A through D) and this proposed amendment largely affects Neighborhood B, which is located in the western portion of the site. The proposal would reduce the total allowed dwellings in Neighborhood B from 750 to 525, remove commercial uses from Neighborhood B, and reallocate those uses to the other three neighborhoods.
This item requires public hearings at Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. The Planning Commission recommended approval of this project on September 20, 2016 and it will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners on October 25, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. The public hearing will be in the East Hearing Room at the Arapahoe County Administration Building, 5334 S. Prince St., Littleton, CO 80120. If you have questions or comments, you may contact Sherman Feher, Arapahoe County Senior Planner.

Prosper Development
Arapahoe County is currently reviewing a number of cases related to the Prosper development located south of Interstate 70 and N Watkins Road. These cases will eventually have public hearings and we will post the dates as soon as we know them. Given that we're early in the review process on these items, the hearings are unlikely before late fall 2016/winter 2017.

The County approved the initial zoning - the Prosper Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) - in early 2015. When fully developed, the Prosper development will cover 5,130 acres (8 square miles) and will include up to 9,000 housing units and 8 million square feet of commercial/office/industrial uses. If you'd like to review the entire Prosper PDP you can download the very large file (180 MB) here. You may also download the much smaller Prosper land use plan for an overview of the project.

Initial phases of the Prosper development will rely on Denver Basin aquifer ground water. However, the development will eventually use a combination of renewable surface water, reclaimed wastewater, and lawn irrigation return flow. Per the Prosper water supply plan (70 MB file), when fully developed, 73% of the water in Prosper will be from those renewable sources. 
Prosper Water Treatment Plant - The County is currently reviewing a permit for Prosper's initial water treatment plant. This Location & Extent document shows where it's located and what it will look like.
Prosper Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment Plant - You can view the preliminary plans here.
Prosper Preliminary Plat and Final Development Plan - This is the first phase of the project, located east of N Watkins Road. The Final Development Plan includes 977 single-family homes on 754 acres of land. The Final Development Plan includes proposed landscaping and design standards for the potential homes. The preliminary plat shows more detail on the lot layouts. The applicant's letter of intent offers a general overview of the project. 

If you have questions or comments about the Prosper projects, please contact Sherman Feher, Senior Planner.