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Compensation Claim Process
After your claim is filed, here are the typical steps in the VA's compensation claim process:

VCAA Notification Packet (If applicable): In accordance with the Veterans Claims Assistance Act (VCAA) the VA has a responsibility to assist claimants in obtaining evidence to support or substantiate a claim. The packet will include a letter discussing what, if any, additional information or evidence is needed to continue processing the claim and the required response forms. If this packet is received, please contact the Veterans Service Office promptly for assistance in responding to this time-sensitive request.

Compensation and Pension ("C&P") Examination: Once the VA has completed the development of required claim evidence and has determined your claim is well-grounded, you will receive written notification that a C&P examination has been ordered. The VA medical facility, or a VA-contracted medical provider, will contact you in writing or by telephone to schedule an appointment. Please note that in some cases with multiple claimed medical conditions, multiple exams/appointments may be necessary. C&P examinations are a very important part of the claim process as they provide the VA with a detailed assessment of your disabilities and a medical opinion regarding the likelihood those disabilities are related to your military service. Upon completion of all necessary C&P examinations, the results will be returned to the VA to be considered with your claim.

Rating Decision/ Award Notification: The Rating Decision provides a narrative description of the VA's judgement on each claimed issue. The Rating Decision will be accompanied by an Award Notification letter detailing your assigned disability rating percentage, the monthly compensation amount awarded, and any retroactive payments due to you. A Rating Decision can take up a year or more to be issued from the date of initial filing. Please be patient and adhere to the guidance of the Veterans Service Office staff throughout the claim process in order to avoid unnecessary delays. 

VSO Review: Please contact the Veterans Service Office when you receive the Rating Decision. A Service Officer will review the VA's decision for accuracy and discuss any additional benefits you may be eligible to receive based on your assigned disability rating percentage. If you disagree with the VA's decision, a formal Notice of Disagreement must be filed within one year of the decision notification date in order to initiate the appeal process. A Service Officer will assist you in determining whether there is a legal merit to appeal an unfavorable decision and if so, will assist you in preparing and presenting the required appellate documentation. 

Please contact the Arapahoe County Veterans Service Office for more information.

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