Mapping/GIS Services

The Mapping/GIS Services section is responsible for creating and maintaining maps that are needed and requested by various County departments, residents, developers and neighboring jurisdictions. The Mapping Section is a resource to all County departments, providing continuously updated maps as follows:
  • Base information for the County's GIS and Internet Mapping Services (ArapaMap)
    • ArapaMap is an interactive mapping system that allows users to obtain information about parcels in Arapahoe County.
  • Base maps and geodetic control surveys for the county's GIS projects
  • Current aerial photography in digital and hard copy format
  • Parcel maps to the Assessor's Office - These maps are also referred to as Tax maps and Ownership maps.
  • Road maintenance maps to the Road and Bridge, Transportation and Capital Improvement Program divisions
  • Special CAD and GIS projects as requested by County departments
  • Zoning maps for the Planning and Zoning Division
In addition, the Mapping Section assigns street names and addresses in the unincorporated portions of Arapahoe County, including all street names and addresses for land development projects; all addresses for building permits; and all requests to change street names and addresses.

To provide better accuracy for the County's maps, Mapping personnel conduct surveys to extend the County's Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks. As a referral agency for land development cases within unincorporated Arapahoe County, Mapping section personnel review development cases, subdivision plats and easement/tract legal descriptions.