County Conversations - We want to hear from you!

Arapahoe County is holding a series of opportunities for you to proviCC_Logo_2de input into the future of Colorado's third largest county.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Between 2000 - 2016, Arapahoe County grew 32 percent - making it the second largest county in the Denver metro area and the third largest in the State.
  • Arapahoe County's population is expected to grow to more than 800,000 by 2030, surpassing the population of the City and County of Denver.

What is County Conversations?
County Conversations is an outcome from the County's 2018 Annual Leadership Workshop where Commissioners, Elected Officials, Department Directors and Deputies to the Elected Offices took an in-depth look into the County's budget, issues and trends. Areas identified to be addressed include: 

  • Public Safety (law enforcement patrol services and the detention center)
  • Transportation (construction and maintenance)
  • Judicial Center (courts)
  • Ongoing Services (building maintenance, capital improvements, digital services and growth in general operations)

County Conversations: June through November 2018
Ehlers and Associates, a municipal advisory firm specializing in developing solutions to challenges facing states, counties, cities, school and special districts, will lead County Conversations. 

Ehlers is helping Arapahoe County learn what citizens, civic and business leaders think of their county government; what they know about our programs and services; and what services and service levels are expected that Arapahoe County provide. Ehlers will do this through: 

  • Formal and Informal Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone and Town Hall Meetings